AMNC 2016

We were approached by the World Economic Forum to help stitch and edit footage shot 30 Ninjas on the Nokia Ozo, a camera system which involves 8 lenses, resulting in a stereoscopic image. Three dimensional 360 is the pinnacle of immersive video, where objects have depth. When combined with a high quality headset such as the HTC Vive you'll believe you're there.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 14.33.35.png


4CH ambisonic sound was recorded alongside the camera, giving the ability to produce spacial audio. All these aspects combined together results in a truly immersive experience.



For the stitching we used Nokia's Ozo creator which is only available on the Mac Pro. The process took around 10 hours to export 1.5 minutes of footage and then once all the shots were exported we edited them in Premiere Pro using the Mettle software plugins. Reaper was used in conjunction with Facebook's spatial audio VST for the spatial audio.



Throughout the experience it was important to test. Everything looks different once the headset is worn so it we found the ability to preview stereoscopic video with Mettle's Skybox VR player very useful.