Mehdi Ghadyanloo's Spaces of Hope 

Explore Mehdi Ghadyanloo's exhibition, 'Spaces of Hope' in London 2017. Mehdi Ghadyanloo is an Iranian artist known for his utopian and philosophical paintings that interrogate universal human precepts such as fear, hope and loss is also one of Iran’s foremost public artists. Ghadyanloo has also painted over 100 gigantic murals throughout Tehran between 2004 and 2011.

Watch and listen as he takes us through the inner thoughts of his work, and what it meant growing up through the Iran-Iraq war as a child.


Why 360?

An exhibition space is like stepping into the world of an artist and 360 offers an experience similar to being there. You experience a new way of connecting with the art and Mehdi's voice-over provides further insight into his creations.

The soundtrack was created by Seth Troxler and it conjures an eerie atmosphere throughout the film. Much of Mehdi's feelings of hope, fear and loss are all juxtaposed together one exhibit.